Red Nose Day 2024

In honour of Red Nose Day 2024 approaching, we are happy to announce our plan to help raise money and awareness for this cause!

From Tuesday 12th March, through to Sunday 31st March, we will be donating 5% of the sale price from every purchase of our red products directly to the Comic Relief.

In aid of Comic Relief, operating name of Charity Projects, a
registered charity 326568 (England/Wales) and SC039730 (Scotland)

To further your contribution, we are pleased to offer an additional discount to those involved. By adding the code RND24 to your basket at checkout, you will receive a 5% discount on all red items in your order.

As well as this, by Sunday 31st March we will be matching the final amount raised throughout the rest of this month to add to the donation.

For those who wish to make additional donations to the Red Nose Day charity, we have provided a link to the official website below.

In aid of Comic Relief, operating name of Charity Projects, a registered charity 326568 (England/Wales) and SC039730 (Scotland).

We (ALG ID Cards Ltd t/a The Lanyard Shop) will donate 5% of the item price for all website/telephone/in person sales of red products (lanyards, badge holders, printed cards or other accessories). Sales on marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, etc) will not be included.

Example: a customer purchases 10 red lanyards at £5.00 inc VAT + 10 black lanyards at £5.00 inc VAT. They pay £1.99 for delivery.

The total paid by the customer is £11.99 including VAT.
The red lanyards are included in calculating the donation amount. The black lanyards are not included. 5% donation of £0.25 will be logged.

Example 2: a customer purchased 100 red lanyards at £42.00 including VAT. At checkout, they apply a discount code to apply a 10% discount to their order. The order total is now £37.80 inc VAT. The donation amount for this order will be £1.89.

End of Fundraising Example: £250 has been raised in total from all orders. We will match the total amount raised, bringing our total donation amount to £500.

The customer is not charged extra for the donations and is not required to make a donation manually.
The 5% donation is taken from the “per item” price including VAT. If the customer uses a discount code for their item, the donation amount will use the post-discount item price.

We will not make any deductions from the donation amount to cover our costs. If a customer returns the product(s) or is refunded the item(s) will not be included in the donation amount. We do not split raised money between multiple charities.