Revamped Privacy Policy for Your Clarity and Confidence

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At The Lanyard Shop, your privacy and data security have always been paramount to us. We recognise the importance of informing you about the collection, usage, and protection of your data. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our newly revamped Privacy Policy, designed with simplicity and transparency in mind.

Why the Change?

We’ve rewritten our Privacy Policy from the ground up to ensure that it is easily understandable for all our users. We know that privacy policies can often be filled with complex legal jargon, making it challenging for individuals to grasp their rights and how their data is handled. With our new Privacy Policy, we aim to change that.

“Simply Put” Sections: Breaking Down the Complexity

One of the standout features of our updated Privacy Policy includes incorporating “Simply Put” sections throughout the document. These sections serve as plain language summaries of the key points in each section. We want you to have a clear and straightforward understanding of our privacy practices, so you can make informed decisions about your data.

A Dedicated “Changelog” Page

To further enhance transparency and keep you informed about any updates or modifications to our Privacy Policy, we’ve created a dedicated “Privacy Policy Changes” page. This page will provide a chronological list of changes made to the policy, along with explanations for each revision. We believe that transparency is key, and this Changelog page will ensure you always have access to the latest information regarding our data handling practices.

Where possible, we will provide access to previous versions of our privacy policy via the Wayback Machine.


Our overhauled Privacy Policy empowers you with clear, concise information about your data. We believe that everyone should easily grasp their privacy rights. At The Lanyard Shop, we value your trust and are committed to prioritising your privacy and data security. Thank you for being a part of our community, and we hope you find our new Privacy Policy a valuable resource for comprehending how we safeguard your data.

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